Champion and Companion Cavaliers since 1995

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, or simply 
"Cavaliers" are a lively, joyful and sporting little dog,
listed in the Companion, or "Toy" group of dog breeds.
They have lovely heads with a large, appealing eye
and soft expression and carry a glamorous long
ear fringe and a soft silky coat. They are gentle,
gregarious and responsive souls who delight and
capture the hearts of their people.
Allegria King Charles Spaniels is a small show
kennel producing happy, healthy and beautiful
Cavaliers in a home environment.  The Johnson family
has been showing and breeding Golden Retrievers
since 1974 and Cavaliers since 1995. Ann, Lewis
and Kim Johnson live in New Jersey, Southern California
and their Kona Hawaii Farm and are active in the show and
local kennel club
scene in each location.


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